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My husband and I were enthralled with "East of Westreville":  your performance, great choice of music and the warm environment of the theater last Saturday evening.  The four of you are truly musical treasures for all of South Dakota... 

Kaija, I want to share my two fav's of the evening.  Martin Luther King song and "Dance Me To the End of Love" (don't know if that's the title) moved me deeply.

It was just a stunningly enjoyable evening.  Thank you for sharing your great talents with your appreciative audience.


I was absolutely blown away by the performances of your Kaija and of Jill.  I had with me my daughter,  yesterday.  She is a musician, and was similarly deeply impressed by the music of the backup band and by the singing of Kaija.
The music is the same music I grew up on when I was in the Navy years ago, and when one of the boys from Georgia I was stationed with taught me three cords on a guitar before he was transferred out.  I actually cried tears during the performance both because of the memories it brought back to me and because of the wonderful voice your wife has.
I somehow wish you could get that show on a national stage--I'm not saying it's too good for those of us around here, but more people should see and hear that performance.
Best regards,

Just got home.  And must tell you how blessed I am to have been a part of such a wonderful experience with you all.  Thank you for realizing your vision and stepping into the uncertainty, for cultivating your talents and sharing your gifts with so many people including me.  It has been truly amazing for me personally and I wanted you to know.

Thank you so much!

We just got home from seeing the Saturday afternoon performance at the Orpheum. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic show! It took you closing the tour before we finally made it to one of the shows. Had we seen it earlier I'm sure we'd have been amongst the many people this afternoon that had seen it at least 5 or more times! Unbelievable performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duane & Linda

My husband and I saw you seven years ago and we saw you again last Saturday night in Mitchell. Still a fantastic show. We had a great time. I was 12 when my brother brought home a Patsy Cline record and put it on the record player. He played it all the time and I became a fan. I still remember the morning he came into the kitchen and said he heard on the radio that Patsy had been killed in a plane accident. Some things you never forget. My brother is gone now too. He would have loved your show. Thanks for an evening of memories.



My wife Sue and I really enjoyed "Always Patsy" when you were here before, and since that time I have wanted to treat my father to your performances. When the Arts Council announced "East of Westreville" was coming, I immediately called my father and had the schedule cleared for it.  They, as well as my wife and daughter were as pleased as everyone else in attendance.  I have always had a  special place for Patsy Cline, in my heart. Her music influenced my music preferences since I was crawling on mom's kitchen floor, listening to an old Zenith radio.  I was so impressed with your interpretation that I really didn't think you could get any better than that...

I was wrong!!!!!  "East of Westreville" was terrific! Waitin At The Gate, and Melancholy Prairie, really touch the hearts of the rural people, that we are here in SD.  Thank you all for an inspirational evening.   


Just wanted to drop a quick note of Thanks...for such a great show last night in Brandon.  It was our first "Always" experience, but, hopefully not our last. We were all still humming some Patsy tunes this morning.
Although the polished performance showed years of stage time and practice ...the freshness and spontaneity was infectiously refreshing.  (I'm sure that is not an easy balance to maintain) 
Thank You again for bringing such theatre to this area.
Peace Always, Bruce

"East of Westreville" was such a fun night and I enjoyed every single note.  I asked 2 friends to go with me and they thanked me profusely for calling them.  I will be watching for your show in our area and call more friends.  Thanks!


I was entertained and fascinated during the entire show of "Patsy Cline." I sat through the performance thinking of so many family and friends I want to bring to another one of your performances.  Of course I also had to purchase your CD's.   Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon!!


My wife and I saw East of Westreville's show in Mitchell, and we were astounded by the high quality of the performance.  Thanks for providing a quality entertainment alternative for us folks in rural South Dakota, and keep up the great work!


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance last night. I am a baby boomer and have faint memories of the Patsy Cline era.  You brought it all to life on stage.  What a wonderful gift.   I would like to surprise my mother-in law by taking her to your show.  She will love it!!


Your show opening night at the Red Barn Theater was something to remember!  Of course I am a little biased, because I know Kaija, Brian and Boyd.  I haven't been able to see the Patsy show since then, but I hope to again someday. I got so engrossed in the show that I forgot that she dies in the end.  I went from  laughing at the jokes to enjoying the music to crying at the end .  WOW!  What a performance by both of you.  

As for EAST OF WESTREVILLE, there isn't a word to describe how great the three of you are together.  I hope anyone who is reading this will believe me when I say they are a great group of musicians which you should go and see any chance you get! You will NEVER be disappointed. 


We loved "East of Westreville!" A good variety of music and such wonderful voices. I hope to be able to see more of your shows. Thank you so much for such a relaxing evening. God has truly blessed each of you with good singing voices.


I saw this show in Louisville, KY with a different cast at Actors Theatre and yours was far superior in all regards to that one.  You had better all- around talent, more personality in all parts, and I just felt like I'd had a great evening of entertainment and was so glad to be there - even though it was cold!


My wife and I both enjoyed your show very much.  This was the third time: O'Gorman, Dell Rapids, Brandon.  We keep bringing more friends.  We appreciate all the effort that you give to put on the show.  You have added much joy to our lives.  We saw you for the first time in Pump Boys and Dinettes.  Thank you for coming out after the show to greet people.  

Joe and Ginny

It is because of wonderful folks like yourselves that Patsy Cline's memory has not died, but flourished. God bless all of you in the production of ALWAYS. May peace and love be with each of you and your families. 

Most sincerely, Greg

My husband and I recently saw your "Always" production. It was wonderful. Thank you for a great evening. I was telling my Mom about it. (She lives in Kansas City, Mo). She said "Oh, I love Patsy Cline! Do they ever come to Kansas City?  Keep lifting hearts with that wonderful voice, Kaija.


The performance of "Always...Patsy" was the highlight of our recent weekend.  I had found the theater home page and purchased the tickets as a surprise for our group.  Needless to say the group was SURPRISED and overwhelmed with the awesome performance of this group!  Three standing ovations following the performance was quite a statement from a Midwestern audience!  (I'm a Midwesterner too!)  And I never see this kind of an audience response!  It truly was outstanding from start to finish and we can not say enough great things!  I'm not a wordy outgoing person, but please do yourself a favor and a treat... see "Always....Patsy"


I wanted to let you know that I attended your Always Patsy Cline
performance on Sunday.  It was absolutely fabulous.  What an enjoyable performance by all.  If I knew it was going to be that good, I would have come to ALL of the performances.

What a terrific show.  I have been a Patsy Cline fan for many years.  Crazy is my most favorite song of all.  Jill Pillar-Johnson (Louise Seger) did the best job of acting, singing and dancing I have ever seen.  What a great talent.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed everything.  You are all brilliant
Thanks greatly for a most enjoyable and memorable afternoon.


What I saw in your production (Always Patsy) was a  pristine production which enabled the artisans to display their talents, one complementing the other. I'm looking forward to your next production (East Of Westerville).  This raises my expectations of neat things to find in the Midwest.


The whole cast did a wonderful performance Thanks to all of you.  Always Patsy Cline well never be forgotten!  Kaija you were blessed with a beautiful voice. Jill you to were blessed with such great acting & you also have a song in your heart with a wonderful voice as well. The band was outstanding. My husband and I enjoyed the evening so much. I just had to buy a CD and I'm listening to as I write to you. Thank you for sharing the life of Patsy Cline.

Thank You


At the show, I felt that I had not seen or heard a better performance for years. It is still on the top of my list. Thanks for music and the performance. Love 'em both.

I'm sitting in my house listening to Volume 2 of Kaija's CD.  Needless to say I'm as awestruck by this as I was when I attended your live performance!  Please send me Volume 1!


I love the show and would love to see it again and again.  It is the only thing my husband and I have paid so many times to see and it is well worth it. Just wanted you to know I am sure we will be back to see you in November. My sister-in-law always laughs at me when I cry at every performance but you both are so touching and I always loved Patsy and think you both do such a terrific job I just wanted you both to know.

Always A Fan,


Me, my wife and our two daughters (age 6 and 11) attended your performance on Friday night. It was great!. My wife and daughters were born in Thailand. We spend summers here in Undo Thani, Thailand.  The only exposure to C&W music and Patsy Cline has been my CD's and cassettes.      

The girls knew each and every Patsy Cline song from the CD's I play constantly. The whole family completely enjoyed the whole nights entertainment. Your whole troupe should be proud of your performances. 

Keep up the good work.


Roger, Sarung, Thanaporn, and Ketmanee 

So glad you're coming back! I've gathered a group that missed you last time --- it was pretty amazing --- my mother just went on and on about your show and she's been a terrific promoter for the show as she's not a regular theater-goer.

See you soon!


I have seen the show. It was GREAT!! Thought it would be something that my mother would enjoy, so I wanted to find your schedule to see if you would be in or near our area.

I'm pretty excited to be able to take her to see the show. She's 80 years old and doesn't get out much!

Thanks again! 


Wow! You blew my socks off and then some! Your singing is characterized by superb voice control, phrasing, voice quality and substance.  The band was also very fabulous.  

I can remember hearing Patsy Cline on the radio and her death came about the time I was memorizing my junior recital. I listened to the radio constantly and of course heard lot of Patsy Cline. Little did I realize at the time that I was hearing a future icon. Our own oldies station plays Cline’s music and it always brings a tear to my eyes to hear her. This from a man who doesn’t like country music.

I wanted to write a fan letter. I don't recall ever doing this for a singer. I'm sure the theatre would welcome your show again. I can assure you that I will be there!!! Do you have an autographed photo of yourself?



Your production of "Always... Patsy Cline" was OUTSTANDING!!  For the 2 hours of the performance, I thought I was in Country Music Heaven. All who were involved
with the performance are to be congratulated.  I hope you will come back soon.  



EVERYONE should have seen the show last night!  It was the greatest entertainment I've ever seen in our town.  I truly loved it!  The girls did an outstanding job.  I would love to see it again.  I went with two other girlfriends and they felt the same way.  Keep up the good work.  It truly was the BEST!



Just a quick note of thanks!     

Had the pleasure of catching "Always" on your Saturday night show (Poor Elmer will never be the same!). [Elmer was the audience member that danced with Louise in the show]  Just had to let you know that your presentation filled me with great happiness.  It took me back to a time when things were simpler and when the importance of life so much clearer.  

Throughout the night my thoughts went to my mother who always had the radio on and loved her "peddle pushers" errrrrr excuse me, I mean "Capri Pants".  She always left lipstick on her coffee cup (like I noticed you guys did on stage) and always had time to make breakfast regardless of the time of day.  In any case, congratulations on a job well done and thanks for the precious moments. 


And always rememberThe only things you have to do in life are work like you don't need the money, love like you never been hurt and dance like nobody's watching! That's all!

I experienced your great performance this afternoon, for the very first time. Just wanted to let you know how I marveled at the strength and vitality of your voice. God has really blessed you with a beautiful voice! Are you sure you aren't related to Patsy Cline? Thanks for sharing your talent with so many people.

Now that I've gotten acquainted with you in this play I look forward to hearing you again.

Take care,



I have forwarded the web info (with a recommendation from my wife & me) to all our Board of Director members and anyone else that we think might be a potential audience member.  Hope all goes well and we hope to see you.  It's a GREAT show!! 

Wishing you well.

Saw you last night and you were wonderful!  Had to exit quickly so didn't have a chance to say Thank You!  Now visiting your website and enjoying it.  

I just have to ask who is Susan?  She must have been a very good friend and you must miss her very much.  I am sorry for your loss. 

Patsy was the Queen of Heartbreak and you brought back many many memories last night.  I am so happy people like you are keeping her alive for us. Will be watching for the next opportunity to see you.  Again, my appreciation for a wonderful time last night.  


PS.  Louise is something else.  I want her for my friend too!

Susie was a dear friend of ours and fellow actor.  We did a touring production of "Pumpboys and Dinettes" with her.  She died several years ago of cancer at age 37. We  miss her so. 


Susan Schaefer Winklepleck




I'm still humming after seeing the show last night. Despite the heat, which must have been much harder on you folks, I found myself mesmerized the entire two+ hours. Although I'm basically a fan of rock 'n roll, I have always appreciated Patsy Cline's immense talent and one-of-a-kind voice. Make that two... Kaija-you nailed it. "Louise"--Your energy, enthusiasm, and humor was the icing on the cake. Poker Alice- you're the best, and you just keep getting better. 

Just want you all to know how much I enjoyed the show and I wish you continued success with this production and all future ones!

Thank you, thank you, for one helluva night.

A fan

Congratulations on a terrific performance.  We enjoyed the show the 1st time we saw it, the second time we saw it, and just as much if not more here.    Thanks for coming here!!!


I was lucky enough to attend the Friday performance of Always... Patsy Cline & I just wanted to let you all know how truly wonderful it was.  Kaija's voice was sending chills down my spine the whole evening. It was absolutely hilarious.  I could've sat there all night & watched those 2 gals on stage.  In fact, I am going to try to get tickets for another show so that I can bring my Mom.  She's a huge Patsy Cline fan & I'm not going to tell her what I'm bringing her too!

You've done a GREAT job with this & I look forward to the future of the Comfort Theatre Company!!


My wife and I had the pleasure of attending last nights performance.  What a fantastic show!  I saw the performance in Nashville three years ago at the Ryman Theater.  It was getting rave reviews there.  It was good but your production with Kaija was far superior. Great job! I believe I could have sold a hundred tickets to people who said they'd love to go again.

Again, a great performance.


Everyone, I went to the Always... Patsy Cline show tonight! OMG it was so excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gal that played Patsy sounded JUST like her! Oh she was so good! She looked A LOT like Patsy too! My daughter went with me and my mother. Oh, I didn't realize my daughter had so much energy! She was a dancing and a singing to the songs being sung! She was a really a movin' when the gal (Kaija) that played Patsy sang "Shake, Rattle, and Roll". I wish I would have had a movie camera, I think I could have won some money!  Laci was all over the floor! LOL! I hope this show comes back! I was in awe!

Always... Kathy

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