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"East of Westreville"

East of Westreville  is a musical concert is based on folk, bluegrass, gospel, country, and roots music of rural America. 
Kaija Bonde is on
vocals, with Boyd Bristow and Brian Bonde on guitars and vocals.  Al Slaathaug is on bass.
From the people of "Acoustic Christmas" and "Always...Patsy Cline”...


For our show schedule, click here.

 "East of Westreville" is a talented band featuring Boyd Bristow (Acoustic Christmas) on lead acoustic guitar and vocals, Brian Bonde (The Cardigans) on rhythm acoustic guitar and vocals, Kaija Bonde (Always…Patsy Cline) on vocals,  and Al Slaathaug on string bass and vocals.  To listen to East of Westreville, click here.

An "EOW" show intertwines good "old-timey" music with homespun humor, and an occasional special guest. It's an ever-changing mix of music and memories, reminiscent of the days when all that was needed for entertainment was a Philco radio and a comfy chair. 

Over a century ago, the Westre Clan claimed a little spot on Frog Creek Road. The Clay County, South Dakota crossroads, where the remains of Westreville now lie, stand as a symbol for what we will always sing about: family, love, God and faith. It’s about the people who have gone before, people from small towns and farms, people like our parents and grandparents. We try to hold on to the old ways, and those people, as much as possible.  We can never go back, but we can sing about it. What started as one song in church in 2001 has since turned into a whole collection of songs, gigs and towns too numerous to count. . .  “That’s why we came.”  

To listen to East of Westreville, click here.

Here is East of Westreville's recent appearance on The White Walls Sessions.
This is an original tune written by Boyd Bristow--"Because of You, I Can’t Sing the Blues." 

Thanks to Jeff Zueger, the sponsors and the whole White Wall team for getting so many
independent artists on television. Also, thanks to Friends of Traditional Music for sponsoring this song. We appreciate it!


The East of Westreville  CD "Waitin" is available!   We are so pleased with the results and we think you'll love it!

East Of Westreville: Waitin...

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The latest news!


  •   We were so honored to provide the music for Senator McGovern's prayer service at First United Methodist Church in Sioux Falls on Thursday, October 24.  Vice President Joe Biden was present and shared remembrances. George was one of our greatest fans and a hero to all of us. Click here to view the prayer service on C-SPAN.


Listen to the show here:


  •   If you would like to bring one of our acts to your community or event, please contact us by clicking here.

  •    For our show schedule, click here.




The EOW TV show

South Dakota Public Television recently broadcast an hour with East of Westreville on "No Cover, No Minimum." You can watch it all by clicking here.

 Click here to listen to the PODCAST about the show.   (Right click and choose "Save target as..." to copy to your computer or mp3 device.)

"East of Westreville"  recorded the  "No Cover, No Minimum"  TV special  for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.  Everything went very well!  We want thank Kevin and the whole gang at SDPB for making the taping so easy.  We also want to thank everyone who joined us in the studio audience for making it so fun. They recorded about a 75 minute show and did interviews.  They  put all those pieces together for what actually aired.

Click here for a story about the taping.
To see some video from the shoot, click here. 

Read Doug Wiken's blog about the show by clicking here.


EOW and Kenny Putnam

East of Westreville has performed many times with our friend and special guest Kenny Putnam.

Click here to listen to a recent interview with Kenny Putnam about playing with East of Westreville.  This is an edited version of a show that ran on South Dakota Public Radio.

If you'd like to listen to the song "High Lonesome Sound"  from featuring Boyd and Kenny, click here.  We have always included old friends with "EOW" and this collaboration has turned out to be something special. 

If you would like to bring this terrific act to your community or event, please contact us by clicking here.


A special thanks to Tim Waltner of the Freeman, SD, Courier, Brenda Kleinjan of Pierre, SD and
Rev. Dar Berkenpas of Sioux Falls, SD for the use of their photographs on this site.

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