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Ted Swindley

"Patsy Cline," says Always...Patsy Cline creator, Ted Swindley, "has now taken on the mantle of a legend. Patsy endures - in fact she gets bigger - decade after decade as she is discovered by new fans and revered by the faithful who grew up with her."

In twenty years, Ted Swindley has directed and produced over 200 plays. He is nationally known in the United States for creating the hit musical Always...Patsy Cline, which premiered in 1990 and continues to play throughout the world.

Most recently Swindley has premiered three new musicals, Step Into My Parlor (Tulsa, OK), Summer of '66 (Myrtle Beach, SC), and Swingstep (Toronto, Canada). Swingstep was nominated for the Best Musical award in Canada, (comparable to the Tony awards in America). He also directed The Honky Tonk Angels and Step Into My Parlor at the prestigious Picolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC.

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