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The Songs!

Listen to Kaija and the Poker Alice band!  Click on "mp3", or "RealAudio"  for the song you want to hear, depending on what audio player you have.  

Try  "mp3" first, if you have a RealAudio player, then try"RealAudio".  

If you are interested in buying one of Kaija's CD's, click here.  Have fun!


Anytime - Herbert Happy Lawson  -  Unichappel Music, Inc. 
mp3    RealAudio   

Back in Baby's Arms - Bob Montgomery - Talmont Music, Inc.
mp3    RealAudio   

Crazy - Willie Nelson - Tree Publishing Co., Inc.
mp3    RealAudio    

Gotta Lot of Rhythm - BA Vaughn/WS Stevenson - Acuff Rose Music, Inc.
mp3    RealAudio    

Lovesick Blues - Irving Mills/C. Friend - Mills Music, Inc.
mp3    RealAudio    

Sweet Dreams - Don Gibson - Tree Publishing Co.
mp3    RealAudio    

Three Cigarettes - E Miller/WS Stevenson - Acuff Rose Music, Inc.
mp3    RealAudio    

Walkin' After Midnight - Don Hecht/Alan Block - Acuff Rose Music, Inc.
mp3    RealAudio    

Kaija's interviews...

We have been on several radio stations in the past.  

Click here for SD Public Radio story from March 2007 about the history of the show and its closing performance.

Click here to listen to Kaija's interview about the show on KXRB.
Or click here to listen to Kaija's interview about the show on KSOO.

Click below to hear the interviews in RealAudio:

Click here if you need the RealAudio Player:  

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